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Chemical Information
FooDB Name(±)-Alanine
DescriptionDietary supplement, nutrient, sweetening flavour enhancer in pickling spice mixts. Alanine (abbreviated as Ala or A) is an alpha-amino acid with the chemical formula CH3CH(NH2)COOH. The L-isomer is one of the 22 proteinogenic amino acids, i.e., the building blocks of proteins. Its codons are GCU, GCC, GCA, and GCG. It is classified as a nonpolar amino acid. L-Alanine is second only to leucine in rate of occurrence, accounting for 7.8% of the primary structure in a sample of 1,150 proteins. D-Alanine occurs in bacterial cell walls and in some peptide antibiotics. (Wikipedia). (±)-Alanine is found in many foods, some of which are green bell pepper, red bell pepper, green zucchini, and italian sweet red pepper.
CAS Number302-72-7
(+-)-2-Aminopropionic acidbiospider
(+/-)-2-Aminopropionic acidbiospider
DL-α-Aminopropionic acidbiospider
DL-2-Aminopropanoic acidbiospider
DL-2-Aminopropionic acidbiospider
DL-alpha-Aminopropionic acidbiospider
Predicted Properties
Water Solubility447 g/LALOGPS
pKa (Strongest Acidic)2.47ChemAxon
pKa (Strongest Basic)9.48ChemAxon
Physiological Charge0ChemAxon
Hydrogen Acceptor Count3ChemAxon
Hydrogen Donor Count2ChemAxon
Polar Surface Area63.32 ŲChemAxon
Rotatable Bond Count1ChemAxon
Refractivity20.5 m³·mol⁻¹ChemAxon
Polarizability8.54 ųChemAxon
Number of Rings0ChemAxon
Rule of FiveYesChemAxon
Ghose FilterYesChemAxon
Veber's RuleYesChemAxon
MDDR-like RuleYesChemAxon
Chemical FormulaC3H7NO2
IUPAC name2-aminopropanoic acid
InChI IdentifierInChI=1S/C3H7NO2/c1-2(4)3(5)6/h2H,4H2,1H3,(H,5,6)
Isomeric SMILESCC(N)C(O)=O
Average Molecular Weight89.0932
Monoisotopic Molecular Weight89.047678473
DescriptionThis compound belongs to the class of organic compounds known as alanine and derivatives. These are compounds containing alanine or a derivative thereof resulting from reaction of alanine at the amino group or the carboxy group, or from the replacement of any hydrogen of glycine by a heteroatom.
KingdomOrganic compounds
Super ClassOrganic acids and derivatives
ClassCarboxylic acids and derivatives
Sub ClassAmino acids, peptides, and analogues
Direct ParentAlanine and derivatives
Alternative Parents
  • Alanine or derivatives
  • Alpha-amino acid
  • Amino acid
  • Carboxylic acid
  • Monocarboxylic acid or derivatives
  • Organic oxygen compound
  • Hydrocarbon derivative
  • Primary amine
  • Organooxygen compound
  • Organonitrogen compound
  • Organic nitrogen compound
  • Primary aliphatic amine
  • Carbonyl group
  • Amine
  • Organopnictogen compound
  • Organic oxide
  • Aliphatic acyclic compound
Molecular FrameworkAliphatic acyclic compounds
External Descriptors
Physico-Chemical Properties - Experimental
Physico-Chemical Properties - Experimental
Physical stateNot Available
Physical DescriptionNot Available
Mass CompositionC 40.44%; H 7.92%; N 15.72%; O 35.92%DFC
Melting PointMp 295° dec.DFC
Boiling PointNot Available
Experimental Water Solubility166 mg/mL at 25 oCYALKOWSKY,SH & DANNENFELSER,RM (1992)
Experimental logP-2.96HANSCH,C ET AL. (1995)
Experimental pKa2.34
Isoelectric pointNot Available
ChargeNot Available
Optical RotationNot Available
Spectroscopic UV DataNot Available
DensityNot Available
Refractive IndexNot Available
Spectrum TypeDescriptionSplash Key
GC-MSGC-MS Spectrum - GC-MS (3 TMS)splash10-0f79-0900000000-1161b12c2d2079920944View in MoNA
GC-MSGC-MS Spectrum - EI-B (Non-derivatized)splash10-0006-9000000000-a06c1fe0735b0a443464View in MoNA
GC-MSGC-MS Spectrum - GC-EI-TOF (Non-derivatized)splash10-014i-0900000000-63edd42a0c86bc4e5b68View in MoNA
GC-MSGC-MS Spectrum - GC-EI-TOF (Non-derivatized)splash10-0udr-0900000000-5be30d105b9f67619462View in MoNA
Predicted GC-MSPredicted GC-MS Spectrum - GC-MS (Non-derivatized) - 70eV, Positivesplash10-0006-9000000000-bda90c19fd0d70cb909bView in MoNA
Predicted GC-MSPredicted GC-MS Spectrum - GC-MS (1 TMS) - 70eV, Positivesplash10-0006-9100000000-ab365202f52df8e6d401View in MoNA
LC-MS/MSLC-MS/MS Spectrum - LC-ESI-QTOF , positivesplash10-0006-9000000000-7316581ed9372eeedde0View in MoNA
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 10V, Positivesplash10-0006-9000000000-5e73e17e6118cc5372f6View in MoNA
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 20V, Positivesplash10-0006-9000000000-dbf81af1c4a907a42133View in MoNA
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 40V, Positivesplash10-002f-9000000000-55601091307b482f222fView in MoNA
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 10V, Negativesplash10-000i-9000000000-866fee580fc1015f5431View in MoNA
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 20V, Negativesplash10-0079-9000000000-82e558471d30decbb97aView in MoNA
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 40V, Negativesplash10-00di-9000000000-f5bbd33cac826d5bfca5View in MoNA
MSMass Spectrum (Electron Ionization)splash10-0006-9000000000-8ce8f25b3f9c1bb6f5c7View in MoNA
1D NMR1H NMR SpectrumNot AvailableView in JSpectraViewer
1D NMR13C NMR SpectrumNot AvailableView in JSpectraViewer
ChemSpider IDNot Available
ChEMBL IDNot Available
KEGG Compound IDC01401
Pubchem Compound ID602
Pubchem Substance IDNot Available
ChEBI ID16449
Phenol-Explorer IDNot Available
DrugBank IDNot Available
HMDB IDNot Available
CRC / DFC (Dictionary of Food Compounds) IDBDL65-D:BDL80-E
Dr. Duke IDNot Available
BIGG IDNot Available
KNApSAcK IDNot Available
HET IDNot Available
Flavornet IDNot Available
GoodScent IDrw1043861
SuperScent IDNot Available
Wikipedia ID2-Aminopropanoic acid
Phenol-Explorer Metabolite IDNot Available
Duplicate IDSNot Available
Old DFC IDSNot Available
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FoodContent Range AverageReference
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Health Effects / BioactivitiesNot Available
EnzymesNot Available
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MetabolismNot Available
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Organoleptic Properties
  1. The Good Scents Company (2009). Flavor and fragrance information catalog. <> Accessed 15.10.23.
MSDSNot Available
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Content Reference— Saxholt, E., et al. 'Danish food composition databank, revision 7.' Department of Nutrition, National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark (2008).