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Update date2018-05-28 22:12:30 UTC
Primary IDFDB002348
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Chemical Information
FooDB NameAflatoxin M1
DescriptionMinor mycotoxin of Aspergillus flavus, also found in the milk of cows and sheep fed toxic meal. Metabolite of Aflatoxin B1 JHZ87-P [CCD] Aflatoxins are naturally occurring mycotoxins that are produced by many species of Aspergillus, a fungus, most notably Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus. Aflatoxins are toxic and among the most carcinogenic substances known. Aflatoxin M1 is a metabolite of aflatoxin B1 in humans and animals. [Wikipedia].
CAS Number6795-23-9
4-Hydroxyaflatoxin b1ChEBI
4 Hydroxyaflatoxin b1MeSH
Aflatoxin m1, cis(+-)-isomerMeSH
Aflatoxin mMeSH
4-Hydroxyaflatoxin B1biospider
Predicted Properties
Water Solubility0.99 g/LALOGPS
pKa (Strongest Acidic)11.42ChemAxon
pKa (Strongest Basic)-4.4ChemAxon
Physiological Charge0ChemAxon
Hydrogen Acceptor Count6ChemAxon
Hydrogen Donor Count1ChemAxon
Polar Surface Area91.29 ŲChemAxon
Rotatable Bond Count1ChemAxon
Refractivity79.67 m³·mol⁻¹ChemAxon
Polarizability31.07 ųChemAxon
Number of Rings5ChemAxon
Rule of FiveYesChemAxon
Ghose FilterYesChemAxon
Veber's RuleYesChemAxon
MDDR-like RuleYesChemAxon
Chemical FormulaC17H12O7
IUPAC name(3R,7R)-3-hydroxy-11-methoxy-6,8,19-trioxapentacyclo[²,⁹.0³,⁷.0¹³,¹⁷]nonadeca-1(12),2(9),4,10,13(17)-pentaene-16,18-dione
InChI IdentifierInChI=1S/C17H12O7/c1-21-9-6-10-13(17(20)4-5-22-16(17)23-10)14-12(9)7-2-3-8(18)11(7)15(19)24-14/h4-6,16,20H,2-3H2,1H3/t16-,17-/m1/s1
Isomeric SMILES[H][C@]12OC=C[C@@]1(O)C1=C(O2)C=C(OC)C2=C1OC(=O)C1=C2CCC1=O
Average Molecular Weight328.273
Monoisotopic Molecular Weight328.058302738
Description belongs to the class of organic compounds known as difurocoumarocyclopentenones. These are polycyclic aromatic compounds containing a cyclopenten-2-one ring fused to the coumarin moiety of the difurocoumarin skeleton.
KingdomOrganic compounds
Super ClassPhenylpropanoids and polyketides
ClassCoumarins and derivatives
Sub ClassFuranocoumarins
Direct ParentDifurocoumarocyclopentenones
Alternative Parents
  • Difurocoumarocyclopentenone
  • Benzopyran
  • 1-benzopyran
  • Coumaran
  • Anisole
  • Aryl alkyl ketone
  • Aryl ketone
  • Alkyl aryl ether
  • Pyranone
  • Pyran
  • Benzenoid
  • Tertiary alcohol
  • Dihydrofuran
  • Heteroaromatic compound
  • Lactone
  • Ketone
  • Acetal
  • Oxacycle
  • Ether
  • Organoheterocyclic compound
  • Organooxygen compound
  • Hydrocarbon derivative
  • Organic oxide
  • Organic oxygen compound
  • Alcohol
  • Aromatic heteropolycyclic compound
Molecular FrameworkAromatic heteropolycyclic compounds
External Descriptors
OntologyShould have ontology for this compound
Physico-Chemical Properties - Experimental
Physico-Chemical Properties - Experimental
Physical stateNot Available
Physical DescriptionNot Available
Mass CompositionC 62.20%; H 3.68%; O 34.12%DFC
Melting PointMp 299° dec.DFC
Boiling PointNot Available
Experimental Water SolubilityNot Available
Experimental logPNot Available
Experimental pKaNot Available
Isoelectric pointNot Available
ChargeNot Available
Optical Rotation[a]20D -280 (c, 0.1 in DMF)DFC
Spectroscopic UV Data357 () (EtOH) (Berdy)DFC
DensityNot Available
Refractive IndexNot Available
Spectrum TypeDescriptionSplash Key
Predicted GC-MSPredicted GC-MS Spectrum - GC-MS (Non-derivatized) - 70eV, Positivesplash10-05fr-1093000000-d4b028c14eb0b56a6dabView in MoNA
Predicted GC-MSPredicted GC-MS Spectrum - GC-MS (1 TMS) - 70eV, Positivesplash10-05fr-3019000000-16e7ca1f490d12f2251cView in MoNA
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 10V, Positivesplash10-004i-0019000000-bbac981b86ec0492f21dView in MoNA
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 20V, Positivesplash10-01t9-0049000000-6f31a5efa1e5ce49dc2eView in MoNA
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 40V, Positivesplash10-03fs-4590000000-05fb74b57fa5ff2e34e6View in MoNA
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 10V, Negativesplash10-004i-0029000000-391e040bf68fd12a6ee3View in MoNA
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 20V, Negativesplash10-004i-0029000000-8af815da6e7ffdd1aa66View in MoNA
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 40V, Negativesplash10-01td-4490000000-718acd1824f6a41573d1View in MoNA
ChemSpider ID21169428
ChEMBL IDNot Available
KEGG Compound IDC16756
Pubchem Compound ID15558498
Pubchem Substance IDNot Available
ChEBI IDNot Available
Phenol-Explorer IDNot Available
DrugBank IDNot Available
CRC / DFC (Dictionary of Food Compounds) IDCKM70-O:CKM70-O
EAFUS IDNot Available
Dr. Duke IDNot Available
BIGG IDNot Available
KNApSAcK IDC00023620
HET IDNot Available
Flavornet IDNot Available
GoodScent IDNot Available
SuperScent IDNot Available
Wikipedia IDAflatoxin
Phenol-Explorer Metabolite IDNot Available
Duplicate IDSNot Available
Old DFC IDSNot Available
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FoodContent Range AverageReference
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