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Data Set
(contains information about compounds, proteins, contents, nutrients, etc.)
Date AddedDownload LinkSize
FooDB CSV fileApril 7 2020Download (tar.gz file)952.52 MB
FooDB XML fileApril 7 2020Download (tar.gz file)6438.08 MB
FooDB JSON fileApril 7 2020Download (zip file)86.66 MB
FooDB MySQL Dump fileApril 7 2020Download (tar.gz file)172.73 MB
Spectra Downloads
Date AddedDownload LinkSize
FooDB Experimental C-MS SpectraOctober 13 2022Download (zip file)16.12 MB
FooDB Predicted C-MS SpectraOctober 13 2022Download (zip file)380.58 MB
FooDB Experimental MS-MS SpectraOctober 13 2022Download (zip file)52.05 MB
FooDB Predicted MS-MS SpectraOctober 13 2022Download (zip file)1198.74 MB
FooDB NMR SpectraOctober 13 2022Download (zip file)447.92 MB
FooDB FID FilesOctober 13 2022Download (zip file)2115.75 MB
FooDB Image FilesOctober 13 2022Download (zip file)171.15 MB
FooDB Experimental C-MS Peak ListsOctober 13 2022Download (zip file)0.03 MB
FooDB Predicted C-MS Peak ListsOctober 13 2022Download (zip file)139.55 MB
FooDB Experimental MS-MS Peak ListsOctober 13 2022Download (zip file)9.15 MB
FooDB Predicted MS-MS Peak ListsOctober 13 2022Download (zip file)114.21 MB
FooDB NMR Peak ListsOctober 13 2022Download (zip file)0.93 MB