Foodb Database Schema Information


Food table that contains external ids, identifiers, etc. The id is food_id for mapping in contents table

Field Name Description Data Type
name Food common name (may be different naming convention in different countries and areas) string
name_scientific Food scientific name. It's a good source for mapping the food string
description Manual written description text
public_id Foodb ID (i.e. it is not food_id that used for mapping in contents table) string


Association between foods table with compounds and nutrients table. Mapping based on source_id in food_id

Field Name Description Data Type
source_id Depends on source_type, it either maps with compound id or nutrient id integer
source_type Nutrient OR Compound string
food_id Food id (i.e. not food public id) integer
orig_food_common_name The original name of the food content (e.g. Coffee, instant, powder) string
orig_min, orig_max minimal concentration of source_id in food_id decimal
orig_content Either average of origin_min and origin_max; or directly draw from paper and literature decimal
orig_unit Unit (e.g. mg/100g) decimal


This table contains information about compounds, which include the compound properties, external ids, identifiers

Field Name Description Data Type
public_id FDB_ID (e.g. FDB000004) string
name compound name string
export 1: currently used in foodb database; 2: current not used in foodb database (safe to ignore) boolean (1 or 2)
description Manual written or computer generated compound description text
status 0: quantified; 1: detected; 2: expected; 3: predicted integer


This table contains information about nutrients, which include external ids and identifiers

Field Name Description Data Type
name Nutrient name string
description Nutrient description string
public_id Foodb nutrient id (i.e. different from nutrient_id) string