General Information
NameBlack raspberry
Scientific NameRubus occidentalis
DescriptionBlack raspberry is a common name for three species of the genus Rubus: Rubus leucodermis, native to western North America Rubus occidentalis, native to eastern North America Rubus coreanus, also known as Korean black raspberry, native to Korea, Japan, and China A black raspberry is a small fruit that weighs between one and two grams. Almost all commercial production of black raspberries is from developed cultivars of Rubus occidentalis. Oregon accounts for over 90% of black raspberry production in the United States. Black raspberry plants yield significantly less fruit than their red counterparts and also commonly suffer from a raspberry mosaic disease complex that gives them shorter lifespans than other cane berry plants. Because of this, they can be costly to produce on a large scale.
Primary IDFOOD00163
ITIS ID24854
Wikipedia IDBlack raspberry
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