General Information
NameSummer grape
Scientific NameVitis aestivalis
DescriptionVitis aestivalis (Summer Grape) is a species of grape native to eastern North America from southern Ontario east to Vermont, west to Oklahoma, and south to Florida and Texas. It is a vigorous vine, growing to 10 m or more high in trees. The leaves are 7–20 cm long, suborbicular, and usually a little broader than long; they are variable in shape, from unlobed to deeply three- or five-lobed, green above, and densely hairy below. The flowers are produced in a dense panicle 5–15 cm long. The fruit is a small grape 5–14 mm diameter, dark purple or black in color. It is the official state grape of Missouri. There are four varieties: Vitis aestivalis var. aestivalis. Vitis aestivalis var. bicolor Deam (syn. var. argentifolia Fernald; Silverleaf Grape), formerly called Vitis bicolor, but now considered a northern variation of Vitis aestivalis. Native range is in the Northeastern United States and parts of Southern Ontario. Vitis aestivalis var. lincecumii (Buckley) Munson. Vitis aestivalis var. bourquiniana, native to the south, sometimes called Vitis bourquiniana, has tomentose undersides to the leaves.
Primary IDFOOD00227
ITIS ID28607
Wikipedia IDVitis aestivalis
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Content Reference— Rothwell JA, Pérez-Jiménez J, Neveu V, Medina-Ramon A, M'Hiri N, Garcia Lobato P, Manach C, Knox K, Eisner R, Wishart D, Scalbert A. (2013) Phenol-Explorer 3.0: a major update of the Phenol-Explorer database to incorporate data on the effects of food processing on polyphenol content. Database, 10.1093/database/bat070.