General Information
NameCommon ling
Scientific NameMolva molva
DescriptionThe common ling or simply the ling, Molva molva, is a large member of a family of cod-like fishes. An ocean fish whose habitat is in the Atlantic region and can be found around Iceland, Faroe Islands, British Isles, the Norse coast and occasionally around Newfoundland, the ling has a long slender body that can reach 2 metres in length; in adulthood, it is generally a deep-running fish, spending much of its life at depths of 100 m or more; younger fish are found at shallower depths. The ling is edible; its flesh is prized and can be considered interchangeable with cod in either its fresh, salted or dried forms. The salted roe of the ling is considered a delicacy in Spain and is known as huevas de maruca. The lutefisk – ling that is first dried, then soaked in water and then steeped in a lye of soda and slaked lime – is a traditional dish at the Christmas table in Sweden, Norway and Finland.
Primary IDFOOD00397
GroupAquatic foods
ITIS ID164760
Wikipedia IDCommon ling
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Content Reference— Saxholt, E., et al. 'Danish food composition databank, revision 7.' Department of Nutrition, National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark (2008).
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